1 /mIks/ verb
1 (I, T) if you mix two or more substances or if they mix, they combine to become a single substance, and they cannot be easily separated: Mix the blue and yellow paint to make green. | Oil and water don't mix. | mix sth together/in etc: First mix the butter and sugar together, then add the milk. | mix sth with sth: Shake the bottle well so that the oil mixes with the vinegar.
2 (I, T) to combine two or more different activities, ideas, groups of things etc: mix sth with sth: His books mix historical fact with fantasy. | mix business with pleasure (=combine business and social activities at the same time)
3 not mix if two different ideas, activities etc do not mix, they are not suitable for each other and cause problems when they are combined: We all know that drink, drugs and knives do not mix.
4 (T) to prepare something, especially food or drink, by mixing things together: Will you mix us some martinis, Bill?
5 (I) to enjoy meeting, talking, and spending time with other people, especially people you do not know very well
(+ with): Charlie doesn't mix well with the other children.
6 (T) technical to control the balance of sounds in a record or film
7 mix and match to try wearing different pieces of clothing together to see whether they look good
8 mix it (up) with to argue or threaten to fight with someone: You don't want to mix it with him. He's been drinking since noon.
mix sb/sth up phrasal verb (T)
1 (mix someone/something up) to make the mistake of thinking that someone or something is another person or thing
(+ with): I always mix him up with his brother. They look so much alike.
2 (mix something up) to change the way things have been arranged, often by mistake, so that they are no longer in the same order: Don't mix up those papers, or we'll never find the ones we need.
3 (mix someone up) to make someone feel confused: They kept trying to mix me up.
—see also: mixed up, mix­up 2 noun
1 (singular) the particular combination of things or people that form a group
(+ of): There's a real mix of ethnic groups in that area of the city. | We have to come up with a mix of policies to please the voters.
2 (C, U) a combination of substances that you mix together to make something such as a cake: cake/soup etc mix: Add water to the cake mix and cook at 375º.
mixed /mIkst/ adjective
1 (only before noun) consisting of many different types of things or people: The doctor suggested a mixed diet of fruits and vegetables. | a mixed race community
2 mixed reaction/response/reviews etc if something gets a mixed reaction etc, some people say they like it or agree with it, but others dislike it or disagree with it: The film has had mixed reviews from the critics.
3 have mixed emotions/feelings about to be unsure about whether you like or agree with something or someone: I must admit I have rather mixed feelings about my brother's new wife.
4 especially BrE for both males and females: a mixed school
5 a mixed blessing something that is good in some ways but bad in others: Having your parents living nearby is a mixed blessing.
6 a mixed bag a group of things or people that are all very different from each other
(+ of): The concert was a mixed bag of classical and modern music.
7 in mixed company when you are with people of both sexes: It's not the sort of joke you tell in mixed company.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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